Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Every baby needs a panda hat, right?

Confession: Crocheting hats in the summer feels very rebellious. I must admit that with the 107 degree weather we recently had, crocheting ANYTHING feels kind of...stupid. But it's totally okay if it's something for a baby! Enter--The Panda Hat!

I had a custom order for a panda hat for a newborn little girl. So of course, the hat needed a bow. Can you tell I'm obsessed with putting bows on things?
I need to get real baby models--Curious George is the best I have!
It'll keep little baby girl warm until she gets some nice hair to cover her head. It's made with double crochets, so it stretches a bit and will last into the winter. She wanted a panda hat since, apparently I missed this, a PANDA CRAZE has struck the east coast due to the birth of a baby panda last August. Baby Bao Bao is the first panda cub to survive at the zoo more than a few days since 2005. I have to admit, Bao Bao is pretty darn cute!
I had made a panda hat before for my little girl for Chinese New Year. I even made it a bit big so she could keep wearing it. You know how many times she's worn it?
Note my hand keeping her from pulling it off...
Once. And that's the best photo we have of it. She really hates anything on her head, I tell you! But she sure looked cute when she did wear it. The pattern I used for this one is from All About Ami. It was very simple and great for a beginner like me!

For this new baby hat, I used a basic double crochet beanie (magic circle, double crochet, increase each round until size wanted, repeat that round a billion times) and then made some rounded earflaps to keep the sides of the face warm when its windy. I crocheted some half circles for the ears and regular circles for the eyepatches. The whites of the eyes are felt since I didn't want to use any buttons that could get pulled off.  Some trim and a bow later, we have a baby hat. I hope she loves it!

Credits:  All About Ami's Panda Hat Pattern

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